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Have Your Own Watercraft

There are two types of paddlers who have their own watercraft: those who are part of a group who are renting watercraft from us and those that have their own watercraft (no rentals).

If you have your own canoes or kayaks and are not renting any watercraft

The U.S. Forest Service limits the number of watercraft allowed on the river each day though a permit system. Call the U.S. Forest Service (231-745-4631) or go to to reserve a daily permit for  each of your watercraft. The permit fee is $3.00 per watercraft. They will need to know which section of river you wish to paddle, as there is a daily limit in each section. We recommend that you request Section #2 or #3. , because most of our rental customers are in Section #1, therefore, it is a busier stretch of river.

We offer car spotting for fisherman and paddlers that have their own watercraft and are not renting from us.

You can sign up at our office or over the phone. Also, you can TEXT car spots to 231-679-0190 (give trip details, description of car, and key locations)

All Spots are $35 (not including Parking Pass)

Baldwin Canoe Rental will move your car or truck with trailer to the desired landing you wish. We will get you there on time and driven with care.  We are Licensed, Permitted and Insured to car spot at all landings from Baldwin to Scottville.

Trust us on your next Paddling or Fishing trip.