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Watercraft Rentals

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Baldwin Canoe Rental strives to maintain top quality equipment at all times. We are known for our quality service and equipment. Each year we sell a number of used canoes and kayaks, and replace them with new ones to keep our fleet of rental equipment up to date. We have enough Old Town canoes in stock, (the most requested canoe) to be able to supply most requests on weekends. All of our Watercraft are inspected by the State of Michigan each year and are maintained in the highest quality.

Safety Equipment

When renting from Baldwin Canoe Rental all equipment is provided (paddles, pfd cushions, or life jackets). State law requires that each person must have either a cushion or life jacket in the watercraft. Baldwin Canoe Rental recommends that all customers wear a life jacket at all times. It is our policy that all children 10 and under are required to wear a life jacket. If you wish to bring your own life vest, no problem.