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Solo Kayaks

Baldwin Canoe Rental has a variety of solo kayaks to accommodate customers of all shapes and sizes. Our kayaks were designed with the novice paddler in mind. They are very stable, easy to learn, and a great way to introduce youngsters to paddle sports. All of our kayaks have large cockpits for easy entry and exit. We offer both Sit in and Sit on kayaks. 

The majority of our kayak fleet consists of Perception Charter and Sound 10.5, Old Town Loons, and Vapor 10. These two kayaks are appropriate for most of our customers. We also carry a few kayaks for heavier and taller paddlers. The Old Town Loon, and the Jackson Day Tripper

The Charter 10 is made by Perception and is a versatile entry level kayak. Extremely comfortable, easy to get in and out of, and built to accommodate a wide range of paddlers. The Charter 10 is 10′ in length, 29.5″ wide, and
surprisingly maneuverable and stable. This kayak can handle medium to large size paddlers without feeling like a tub. It has foot braces, side knee padding, and a comfortable backrest. There is enough storage space behind the seat for a duffle bag or soft pack cooler. The Charter 10 can accommodate persons up to 6’3″ and 250 lbs.

The Charter 12 is made by Perception and is made to carry more weight for longer distances. The Charter 12 is 12’2″ in length and 27.25″ wide. This kayak can handle larger size paddlers and still be surprisingly maneuverable and stable. It has foot braces, side knee padding, and a comfortable backrest. There is enough storage space behind the seat for a duffle bag or soft pack cooler. The Charter 12 can accommodate persons up 300 lbs.

Turn to The Riviera (our brand new sit-on-top kayaks) made by Jackson Kayak for ease of use and a good time out on the river. The high-back seat design provides support for paddling comfort on all-day adventures and the terraced foot rest system fits a wide rang of leg lengths and enhances control. The stern deck is a great place for a waterproof bag or cooler. This kayak is 11’4″ in length and 30″ wide and designed to be exceptionally stable and easy to control. The Riviera can accommodate persons up to 300 lbs.

The Jackson Day Tripper is built for the big boys. It is 10′ in length, and can carry paddlers up to 300 lbs. This kayak is 30″ wide and built for stability and storage. The Day Tripper has adjustable foot braces, back rest, and room behind the seat for a medium size cooler. We generally only recommend this kayak for heavy weights or a kayaker who needs the cooler space. The Day Tripper is built with extra room behind the seat for storage. The trade-off is not much room up front for tall people. It will accommodate people up to 6’2″.

The Old Town Loon will accommodate paddlers up to 6’8″ tall and has a carry capacity of 350 lbs. KayakIt is 13’8″ in length, 29.5″ wide, has adjustable foot keepers and back rest. The loon holds a straighter line than our other kayaks, and does not turn as quickly, so we don’t recommend it for novice paddlers. There is room behind the seat for some storage of a duffle bag or soft pack cooler. (Photo shows rear storage hatch, actual kayak has no hatch.)

Solo Kayak Trips & Prices:

Prices include equipment, bus service from the end of your trip back to your vehicle, or help with car spotting when we are not running buses. There are other busing arrangements that can be made for an extra cost. Call today to schedule a trip!

**$5.00 Daily parking fee at The United States Forest Service Sites.

**Trips finishing beyond Walhalla Bridge are subject to additional hauling charges.

**All groups staying at the KOA must begin all river trips at the Rainbow Rapids unless special arrangements have been made in advance of trip.

Have Your Own Watercraft?We offer Car Spotting.

Toll free call: (231) 745-4669


Baldwin Canoe Rental strives to maintain top quality equipment at all times. We are known for our quality service and equipment. Each year we sell a number of used canoes and kayaks, and replace them with new ones to keep our fleet of rental equipment up to date. We have enough Old Town canoes in stock, (the most requested canoe) to be able to supply most requests on weekends. All of our Watercraft are inspected by the State of Michigan each year and are maintained in the highest quality.